How long does a car wash take?

A typical car wash will take  15 to 20 minutes. However,  wait-times can vary according to the number and type of services ordered, as well as the volume of business at the time of your visit.

Do I need an appointment for a car wash?

You do not need an appointment for a car wash. Appointments are taken for detailing services.

Do you offer rain-checks?

Unfortunately, we do not offer rain-checks.

Are the tips distributed to everyone?

Yes, all gratuities are distributed throughout the entire wash, to each employee, for each particular shift. It takes a team to clean your car, please tip the team, not the individual turning your vehicle over to you.

Do you take checks?

No, we do not accept personal checks. Credit cards and Cash only.

Do you wash or detail motorcycles?

Yes, we offer hand-wash services for motorcycles, as well as complete detailing services.

Do you repair windshields?

Safari offers expert windshield repair services for chips, stars, and cracks. Safari works exclusively with Gulf Coast Auto Glass for windshield replacements, offering mobile windshield replacement services to meet your busy schedule.

Can I get my vehicle hand-washed?

Yes, Safari has the very best products to hand-wash your vehicle, utilizing chenille mitts and a foaming bubble bath; gentle and effective cleansing without scratches.

When can I make an appointment for Detailing Services?

Detailing Services are by appointment, Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 3:00pm. Please make arrangements to leave your vehicle with us. Pick-up/ drop-off services may be available, please call to check availability.